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Dual IRIS Recognition Time attendance & Access Controller System

Dual Iris Attendance & Access Controller is a fully hands-free, dual iris imager intended for wall mounted, physical access control (PACS) applications.


    • Simplest and interactive User interface
    • Compatible with most commercial PAC systems
    • Central Server architecture, up to 250 readers supported in single network
    • Optional match-on-board



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A fully hands-free, dual iris imager intended for wall mounted, physical access control (PACS) applications. Based on the proven iris imager design of  product line, incorporates a state-of-the-art internal mainboard with a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 SOC processor. It connects with external devices and networks with a full array of communications options, including Ethernet (through TCP/IP), Wiegand, serial ports, GPIO, and a low level relay.
This system integrates all essential PACS features, such as a proximity sensor for “always-on” operation, a tamper switch, front side buttons, an internal speaker for voice commands, and an elegant wall mounting system. Operating at a stand-off distance range of 32 to 35 cm, it is comfortable to use for physical access solutions, even in tight installations.  offers an optional on-board iris encoding and matching algorithm with a data base of up to 10,000 iris template pairs, plus the necessary PACS identification codes including Wiegand. The iris image capture user interface is simple and intuitive, even for subjects with minimal acclimation or training. We provides exclusive subject positioning distance indicators, so that the subject can quickly and reliably place his or her eyes within the capture zone. Thanks to its unique distance calculation capability, subjects no longer need to guess at or hunt for correct eye placement. LED’s located within the mirror’s display easily guide the subjects into the correct position: a blue light indicates too far away, red too close, and green indicates the correct distance.

The proprietary face-finding function makes this a touch-free system. The iris imager head instantly tilts to the correct angle for each subject, automatically adjusting for the subject’s height. This tilt head feature is also optically implemented, so that  can be placed behind an optical glass or plastic partition, such as those found in an outdoor protective enclosure.

It is simultaneously collects both iris images. The system’s images exceed the ISO 19794-6 standard for image quality, ensuring optimal matching accuracy that is essential for single factor authentication in large subject populations.

Product Description

A wall-mountable, dual iris biometrics imaging system for physical access control. Developed with an advanced image capture and processing architecture, the EMA-30 simultaneously and quickly captures the highest quality iris biometric images in the industry.

A simple and intuitive user interface makes positioning fast and re-peatable, even for subjects with little or no acclimation. It is automatically tilts vertically to adjust for each subject’s height, making it ideal for wall-mounted access control applications.

The system is powered by a high performance ARM A9 embedded controller on a dedicated main board that handles all iris imaging, communications, and iris encoding and matching functions. It was incorporates all essential PACS functions, including dual Wiegand connectors, optional on-board matching, a proximity sen- sor, a tamper switch, front side user buttons, and an optimized wall mounting system.

Developed with the latest in system design technologies by one of the leaders in iris recognition imagers, it is physically robust, highly reliable and easy to integrate

Feature                                    User Advantages
Embedded processor on dedicated main board

High performance, low power processor utilizes latest generation ARM A9 quad core SOC (system on chip) architecture.  Provides highest  level of on-board computing power for fast and seamless operation as well as very fast encoding and matching speeds.

Essential Physical Access

Control functionality



•    Proximity sensor for always-on operations

•    Tamper switch to alarm if system is detached from wall

•    Dual Wiegand ports

•    Front side buttons  for programmable user controls

•    Optional on-board encoding and matching, and

associated data base

•    Speaker with voice feedback

•    Easy to install wall mounting system


Compatible with most PACS systems

Readily interfaces to most PACS systems and peripherals through LAN (TCP/IP) and industry standard Wiegand connections.

Oversized optional data bas

Stores up to 10,000 pairs of templates for on-board matching.

State-of-the-art optical design


With highest  quality optics and very fast shutter speeds, the system exceeds industry standards for image quality.  The measured modu- lation transfer function also exceeds the specification in the ISO 19794-6 standard of 4.0 lp/mm  at 60% contrast ratio.

Advanced, proprietary stereoscopic eye localization


Accurately locates the position of both eyes in 3D in near-real time to optimize subject ease of positioning and iris image quality.  Enables system subject distance positioning indicators.

Simple and repeatable subject user interface


Subject positioning is simple and intuitive. The subject merely aligns his / her eyes with the positioning mirrors, and then moves  toward or away from the system based on simple, color LED indications:


•    Blue is too far away;

•    Red is too close: and

•    Green is OK.


Simplest of  user instructions

The combination of the easy  to use positioning features also means that the instructions to subjects  are simple and straightforward. (See User Interface and Subject Instructions section.)

Proprietary optics for positioning indicators eliminate parallax viewing problems


The proprietary and patented design of the color LEDs for distance positioning can only be viewed by one  eye at a time, eliminating

any parallax viewing problems that might cause the subject to repo- sition his / her head. The result is a smooth  and intuitive experience, even if the subject’s head is positioned slightly to one  side.


Automatic vertical height adjustment


The system automatically accommodates subjects  of different heights  by tilting the iris imaging subsystem  after locating the subject’s face and eyes.


Standoff distance of 32 to 35 cm


Comfortable operating range is fully applicable to access control environments, especially in compact installations.


Large depth of capture of  30 mm



The very large depth of capture enhances robustness and ease of positioning
High speed, simultaneous dual imagers

Dual iris imagers acquire iris images at very high speed, 30 frames per second. The system controller monitors in near real time various quality metrics to determine which iris image pairs should be selected as the biometric sample.


Real time off-axis gaze detection


The system detects the subject gaze angle (i.e. whether the subject is looking directly ahead at the imager), an essential feature for optimal  iris biometrics.  If the subject is looking away, the system will automatically wait until the subject looks straight ahead in order to capture a valid iris biometric image.


Very wide interpupillary distance range of 45 to 85 mm


The wide interpupillary distance range accommodates all adults and young  children, making  it ideal  for large scale,  public authentication programs.

  • Iris Gate entry systems

  • Iris recognition for Banking & Finance applications


Child Care Workers Teachers and other School Employees
Adoptive Parents Armed and Unarmed Guards
Health Care Workers Home Health and Hospice Workers
Children and Family Services Workers Mortgage Brokers
Youth Sports Higher Education Employees
Lottery Employees Nursing Home Employees
Public Transportation Workers Transportation Workers
Foster Parents HAZMAT Drivers
School Employees Airline and Airport Employees
Concealed Firearm Permits Casino Employees

DUal IRIS System Time Attendance Access Controller

Countries Served

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